Any Gameface/ Your Favorite Trainwreck/ Jeff Caudill collectors out there?

Ok, we noticed that you really like the THE VIOLENT HEARTS / SHARKS “Show Of Hands” raffle. So we sent our intern back to the warehouse to find some other cool stuff. What he found?

A testpress of YOUR FAVORITE TRAINWRECKs “The Brilliance” EP! We released this one-sided 10″ in 12/2011 (CAH005)! It features Jeff Caudill of Gameface and Popeye V. of Farside sharing the songwriting, lead singing and guitar duties of 3 amazing songs (+ a remix). The testpress has a golden-colored screenprint on the b-side and is limited to 15 copies!

We decided to celebrate the new GAMEFACE 7″ and raffle the YFT testpress among all “Regular Size” pre-orders. So just pre-order the new GAMEFACE 7″ in our webstore and perhaps you’ll be the lucky winner of the super-rare YFT testpress!


So all in all we have two raffles at right now:
1.) Pre-order the THE VIOLENT HEARTS 7″ and you’ve got the chance to win a SHARKS “Show of Hands” testpress or a copy of the first pressing of this alltime favorite.
2.) Pre-order the GAMEFACE 7″ and you’ve got the chance to win the YFT testpress!

(Ok, we don’t have an intern or a warehouse)

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Super-rare SHARKS Stuff anyone?

Ok, we know, when we announced the The Violent Hearts 7″ you all started listening to the old Sharks stuff again and some of you became sad, because they missed the “Show Of Hands” EP which sold out years ago. What a pity, but hey – we have something for you:

When we cleaned up our huuuge warehouse, we found a copy of the 1st pressing (!!!) and a testpress (!!!!!!!!) of this all time favorite. And we decided to not sell them on ebay! Instead we’ll give them away for free! How to get one of these?












Just pre-order the TVH 7″! The records are being raffled among all “The Penalty” pre-orders and will be sent to the two winners with the 7″!












Good deal?

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Modern Saints Video

Modern Saints just posted their first official music video for “Poor Standards”, taken from their debut album:

The video was shot and edited by Marek & Hannes, who did a great job!

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Gameface & The Violent Hearts – Preorder

Finally it’s that time again, we are starting preorders for the Gameface and The Violent Hearts 7″s! Both are available in 2 different variants, but we even have a special special treat for the first 50 people to order the Gameface 7″:


The “The Violent Hearts” 7″s come with a screenprinted b-side featuring artwork by Jens of Blue Harvest Tattoo so you won’t be sorry there’s no bag for this vinyl pleasure.

Preorder: Gameface & The Violent Hearts

If you think that sounds great and you could find a special place in your heart for 2 beautiful records full of amazing music, here’s the link to order them (damn, that took a while to get here, we know!):


The Violent Hearts:

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Clipwing show in Bielefeld

This sunday we’ll have a little surprise for everyone as we’re putting on a last minute show for one of the recent additions to the ever growing family! Clipwing will be playing at Nr. z. P. / Cuties in Bielefeld on sunday and you can fin all information here.

Since they haven’t released any full songs of the upcoming “Ashford” EP for streaming, this might be your first chance to hear the new songs and it’s well worth leaving your couch for an hour or two!

In other news, here is the Lyric Video for “Regular Size” by Gameface:

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More New Releases

Okay, here it is, the announcement we have been planning for quite some time now!!!

We’ll release the new Gameface 7″ for the standout track “Regular Size” (from their new album) with an exclusive b-side (“Mirrors”) in europe!

CAH019-Gameface-Sleeve_Outside_darkpurple CAH019-Gameface-Sleeve_Outside_lightgreen

Listen to the track here:

We’ll have 2 different colors (100 each) and Unlessyoutry Records will have 100 of a third color available.

Both Equal Vision Records (for the US) and Unlessyoutry will start preorders for their versions today, but fear not:


We wanna start it with the preorder for another 7″ we still have to announce next week, so all of you won’t have to pay shipping two times.
That’s how much we love all of you ;)

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Welcome: Clipwing!

Hell yeah, it’s been a while and since we are totally lazy this summer, we forgot to update the website with the latest news about us putting out the new EP “Ashford” by Clipwing from Winnipeg, Canada.


Recorded and engineered by Chris Hannah of Propagandhi (you may have heard about his little band), it will be released this fall in collaboration with LaserLife Records.

Until then you’ll be able to catch them on Tour in Europe with their friends in Migre Le Tigre.

Sep 12 – Oostende, NL
Sep 13 – TBA
Sep 14 – TBA
Sep 15 – Giessen, DE – Musik und Kunstverein Giessen
Sep 16 – Nuremburg, DE
Sep 17 – Usti Nad Labem, CZ
Sep 18 – Prague,CZ @ 007
Sep 19 – Weiner Neustadt, AT @ Triebwerk
Sep 20 – Graz, AT
Sep 21 – Vienna, AT
Sep 22 – TBA
Sep 23 – Munich, DE @ Südstadt
Sep 24 – TBA
Sep 25 – Le Havre @ McDaids

Here is an older song for you all to check out, so you know what to expect:

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Pentimento Bundle

To celebrate the lazy summertime and the fact that some people out there actually don’t own the 2 fantastic Pentimento records we put out, we created a little bundle for all of you, now it’s only 20€ for the self titled album and the “Inside The Sea” EP … just click on the image below and shop away! CAH-Pentimento-Bundle

Besides that we are preparing a couple of releases and when we say a couple, we are talking about more than two and we can promise you they’ll all be out before the end of the year … in totally, completely unrelated news: Great Lakes USA recorded a new EP at Getaway Group Studios with Jay Maas. The recordings werde mastered by Brad Boatright (singer from From Ashes Rise) Audio Siege the very same place that mastered the new Defeater, Modern Life is War, & Bane records.


The mighty On Bodies stepped up their game and entered the world of Instagram, follow them!

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It’s summertime already and we here at Coffeebreath & Heartache are hard at working planning some new releases for you behind the scenes! We’ll soon open the curtains to unveil our plans for autumn and we are pretty sure you’ll be as excited about our upcoming releases as we are!

In the meantime here’s a little Interview Christer at Small Hours Journal did with us, check out the rest of his site, too!

Otherwise we hope you all have a great summer, make sure to listen to some Modern Saints!

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Modern Saints release delay

The release date we set for the Nightmares For A Week / Banquets split and the Modern Saints records is slowly approaching and we are all good to go, we have all the covers ready and we are patiently sitting here, working out to get in shape to pack up the orders …

Buuuut as usual the good old uncle “Murphy” wants to remind us he still has his “law” going … we ordered the vinyl at 2 different pressing plants and got promised they’d ship in time for the release.
Long story short: both pressing plants are running late and we are absolutly sorry to let everyone know that we’ll have to move the release date back a few days.

We should have the Nightmares For A Week / Banquets Split 12″s here by the end of the week and will start mailing them out next week, but customers that ordered both (or just the Modern Saints) will have to wait a little longer.
We are all record nerds ourselves and we know how disappointing it can be to preorder a record and to awake to an empty mailbox every morning, but this is out of our hands.

Nightmares for a Week - Banquets  - Split (CAH016)

Our mistake was to set a release date without having the records in hands and therefor we’ll think about some nice goodies to slip inside Modern Saints packages to make up for the added amount of time you’ll have to spend waiting and we promise to keep you informed about the progress.
We really appreciate all the support everyone has shown for the label, the bands and the work we do here and hope that all of you will feel like it was worth the wait when you finally got the records in hands. If there’s anything we can do in the meantime, drop us a line!

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