Preorder Time!

Hey everyone,

we started pre-orders for our 3 upcoming releaeses!

Great Lakes USA – Stumbling Distance 12″EP

GLUSA - EP preview2GLUSA - EP preview1





  • 6 fast, melodic and catchy rippers from Boston, MA punks
  • one-sided 12″
  • 2 editions available, limited to less than 300 copies in total: 100x grey cover w/ silver screenprint; blue, white & black mixed vinyl //
    192x black w/ gold screenprint; gold & black mixed vinyl
  • handscreened sleeves with punched out skyline on the backand thick Inlay
  • all records are handnumbered on the B-side (in different ways)
  • comes with digital download

The Hunters – Art Electric LP

Hunters - LP preview1Hunters - LP preview2





  • 13 songs ranging from heart-on-the-sleeves folk to blazing rock n’ roll from Quebec punks
  • 2 editions available , limited to less than 300 copies in total: 92x clear & solid red mixed vinyl; safran yellow covers // 180x transparent green, solid white & black mixed vinyl; natural covers
  • screenprinted sleeves with cut-out and front opening and thick inlay
  • all records are handnumbered
  • comes with digital download

Banquets – s/t LP (grey cover edition)

Banquets - st frontBanquets - st back





  • Limited edition of Banquets s/t album
  • clear with purple & black vinyl  (like the tour/mailorder edition)
  • comes in a handscreeened grey cover (simple cover, no die-cut!)
  • handnumbered and limited to 50 copies
  • comes with digital download

Preorder here:

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The Hunters – Art Electric

Ooookay and here is our second release announcement for june 1st (so save up some money, it will be well worth it!):

Have you ever thought to yourself that a certain record would deserve a euro-pressing and should not only be availabe to foreign folks or for a hefty shipping fee … well well, for us that#s the case with the last record by The Hunters (our friends at Black Numbers (hi Dave!) put it out in america).

We’re proud to announce that we will release the amazing „Art Electric“ for you over here!

3 songs are up for streaming:

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Great Lakes USA – Stumblin‘ Distance EP

Soo for several reasons we had to keep quiet about this bad boy for quite some time now and it was a hard tasks.

We are happy and proud to announce that we’ll release the new 6 song EP by Great Lakes USA​ on june 1st 2015!!!


All of you should be aware that they are a 4-piece now and man, they are even better now!

More news regarding this release (and another one to be announced next week!) soon.

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PO: Clipwing – „Ashford“ EP + CAH Bundle

Today is the day! Preorders for Clipwing’s „Ashford“ EP and a Coffeebreath & Heartache Mega Bundle are online in our webstore!

Clipwing – Ashford EP


We‘re proud to welcome Clipwing from Winnipeg/Canada to the growing Coffeebreath And Heartache family. Together with Laserlife Records (AT) and Trilob Records (NL) we‘ll release their new „Ashford“ EP in a limited special edition. You‘ll get 5 tracks of energetic, melodic, and passionate punkrock directly into your ears (plus 7 download only bonus tracks)

Pre-orders for the one-sided, colored 12“ with handscreened b-side start today. The record will be released on January 15th, 2015!


Wir sind mächtig stolz, Clipwing aus Winnipeg/Kanada in der immer größer werdenden Coffeebreath And Heartache Family begrüßen zu dürfen. Zusammen mit Laserlife Records (AT) und Trilob Records (NL) veröffentlichen wir ihre neue „Ashford“ EP in einer limitierten Specialedition. Auf die Ohren gibt es 5 mal energetischen und melodischen Punkrock mit viel Herzblut.

Der Preorder für die ein-seitig bespielte, farbige 12“ mit handbesiebdruckter B-Seite startet heute. Veröffentlicht wird die Platte dann am 15. Januar 2015!


A-side clear/black edition


A-side clear/gold edition

A-side white/petrol edition

A-side white/petrol edition


  1. Ashford
  2. Lettie Hempstock’s Ocean

  3. Watch Me For The Changes

  4. Flash Paper

  5. Lessons Learnt

To give you an insight about how this record developed, we add 7 download only bonus tracks:

  1. Iowa (Rough Acoustic Demo

  2. Ashford (Rough Acoustic Demo)

  3. Lettie Hempstock’s Ocean (Rough Demo)

  4. Watch Me For The Changes (Rough Demo)

  5. Flash Paper (Rough Demo)

  6. Lessons Learnt (Rough Acoustic Demo)

  7. Lessons Learnt (Rough Demo)

B-side clear/black edition

B-side clear/black edition

B-side clear/gold edition

B-side clear/gold edition

B-side white/petrol edition

B-side white/petrol edition

Pressing Info

100x white vinyl w/ petrol screenprint

100x clear vinyl w/ black screenprint

100x clear vinyl w/ gold screenprint


A stream of „Lessons Learnt“ will be available at Visions Magazine later this day:

A teaser video is available here:

Songs from a Split LP w/ Icons Down are available too

Preorder Info

We have all three variants plus a very few testpressings available here:

Laserlife Records have clear vinyl w/ black screenprint available:

Trilob Records have clear vinyl w/ gold screenprint available:

 clip0  clip1
 clip3  clip2


CAH Mega Bundle

And that’s not enough… we have a Coffeebreath And Heartache Mega Bundle available too. This includes all our releases that are still available for a very fair price: 8 vinyls for 60€ instead of 87€. This is limited to 15 bundles!

The bundle contains:

The Violent Hearts – The Penalty EP (7″) – blue vinyl
Gameface – Regular Size (7″) – yellow vinyl
Nightmares for a Week – Banquets – Split (12″) – clear/solid red mixed vinyl
Banquets – Self Titled (12″) – random color
Pentimento – Pentimento (12″) – solid silver vinyl
Pentimento – Inside The Sea EP (10″) – black/white mixed vinyl
Old Flings – Spite (12″) – solid orange/black mixed vinyl
On Bodies – The Long Con (12″) – black/silver mixed 180gr vinyl

Preorder it here:


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Wanna find out …

… if you’re one of the lucky winners of the rare Sharks records?

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We have a winner

So we promised to give away a Testpress of the Your Favorite Trainwreck EP we put out to one lucky person to order the Gameface 7″ and we finally had a little „lottery drawing“ for this yesterday, when we all gathered at our favorite watering hole Plan B (besides the Hub in Tampa that is) … we took a little video of this so you all know how this went down:

Congrats to the lucky winner and we’ll reveal the 2 winners of the SHARKS give-away tomorrow!

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Pressing Plant Delay

We just wanted to let everyone know (again) that the Gameface/Violent Hearts 7″s didn’t get lost in the mail and we didn’t run away to sunny place with your money, this time around it’s out of our hands. The pressing plant we ordered the records from this time promised to deliver the records 1,5 months ago so we would have had enough time to send the records out to all of you to have them on your doorsteps for the release date. Covers are all printed and ready to get married to the vinyl as soon as we get ahold of it and believe us, we are trying to get answers ourselves as to when we will get the vinyl. As soon as we know more, you’ll know asap, too, thanks for your patience and support!

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Gameface B-Side

Today you can all finally listen to the b-side of the Gameface 7″, a cover of „Mirrors“ by Justin Timberlake:

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Any Gameface/ Your Favorite Trainwreck/ Jeff Caudill collectors out there?

Ok, we noticed that you really like the THE VIOLENT HEARTS / SHARKS „Show Of Hands“ raffle. So we sent our intern back to the warehouse to find some other cool stuff. What he found?

A testpress of YOUR FAVORITE TRAINWRECKs „The Brilliance“ EP! We released this one-sided 10″ in 12/2011 (CAH005)! It features Jeff Caudill of Gameface and Popeye V. of Farside sharing the songwriting, lead singing and guitar duties of 3 amazing songs (+ a remix). The testpress has a golden-colored screenprint on the b-side and is limited to 15 copies!

We decided to celebrate the new GAMEFACE 7″ and raffle the YFT testpress among all „Regular Size“ pre-orders. So just pre-order the new GAMEFACE 7″ in our webstore and perhaps you’ll be the lucky winner of the super-rare YFT testpress!


So all in all we have two raffles at right now:
1.) Pre-order the THE VIOLENT HEARTS 7″ and you’ve got the chance to win a SHARKS „Show of Hands“ testpress or a copy of the first pressing of this alltime favorite.
2.) Pre-order the GAMEFACE 7″ and you’ve got the chance to win the YFT testpress!

(Ok, we don’t have an intern or a warehouse)

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Super-rare SHARKS Stuff anyone?

Ok, we know, when we announced the The Violent Hearts 7″ you all started listening to the old Sharks stuff again and some of you became sad, because they missed the „Show Of Hands“ EP which sold out years ago. What a pity, but hey – we have something for you:

When we cleaned up our huuuge warehouse, we found a copy of the 1st pressing (!!!) and a testpress (!!!!!!!!) of this all time favorite. And we decided to not sell them on ebay! Instead we’ll give them away for free! How to get one of these?












Just pre-order the TVH 7″! The records are being raffled among all „The Penalty“ pre-orders and will be sent to the two winners with the 7″!












Good deal?

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